Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Link War

There's a war going on in the SEO world. Jim Boykin's has an army of Ninja's, Scoreboard uses The Enola Gay and others use widgets to win the war. Here's my 'Just another point of view' about the catfight that has been going on.

You've got multiple types of soldiers, you'll need plenty weapons and there's not just one way to win a war.

1) Link Ninjas
You may have to use these stealth-like soldiers sometimes. They can be very useful and -if used properly- can result in very positive results.

2) Link Pirates
If you are able to hit the right target the right way, these dedicated warriors may be able to bring you very positive effects. If they get caught up in a storm while at sea, it'll be a bit more difficult to reach your goals.

3) Link Snipers
Can be very effective, if you manage to hit the right targets. If you have been exposed, however, you'll be lost if you don't have any backup.

4) Stealth Link Snipers
If you're able to train a Stealth Sniper, this can be even better then a regular Link Sniper. The training costs are a lot higher and the really stealthy ones are hard to find, though.

5) Camouflaged Souldiers
If you manage to keep yourself unnotified, this may work out perfectly. However, if you get caught, you're left out on your own behind enemy lines.

6) Link Batallion
Easy to get, but is nothing more than 'a lot of the same'. May be useful, but only use this as a secondary strategy. You'll really need more firepower to provide a back up.

7) Cloned Link Soldiers
Cloning your own soldiers may look impressive for the enemy, but if the enemy finds out, you're done with. If one of your clones has been eliminated, the rest will follow.

8) Link Cluster Bombs
Can be effective, depending on your goal. However, after the war is over (and you'll have probably lost it) everybody will say 'Was that really necessary?'.

9) Link Robots
Yeah, right! Have you ever seen a robot with a brain that actually works?

10) Sorry, no number ten. I didn't want this to look like another 'Ten Ways To' list...

My 'Just another point of view'? Mix it up! Nobody has ever won a war by using only one weapon or strategy. Although I don't think using robots or cluster bombs are worth considering.

An introduction

With the buzz about link building, link baiting, link ninja's and whatsoever going on over the past months, I thought it would be entertaining to add 'Just another point of view' about this topic to the online world.

No author information disclosed yet, maybe I get to that in a later stage.